Würth Timberline

Würth Timberline Fasteners was originally founded in 1922 as A&I Bolt and Nut and initially sold fasteners in the local market only. The McCallin family of Timberline Industries purchased it in 1985, and grew the business by increasing sales in the Front Range, New Mexico and Salt Lake City areas. Recently, Timberline Fasteners has also been selling to national retail home centers throughout the U.S. and Mexico. McAtee Bolt company, which manufacturers special bolts and threaded products, has been absorbed by Timberline Fasteners.

Würth Timberline

In May 2014 Timberline Fasteners was acquired by the Würth Group and integrated into the Würth Industry of North America (WINA) network of sister companies, branching not only the Würth presence further west, but also adding to the reach and support network of Würth Timberline. Würth Timberline is the largest and most comprehensive full-line fastener distributor serving the Rocky Mountain Region. Since 1923, it has grown into a global distribution company with six locations, Commerce City, Colo. serving as its headquarters.

Würth Timberline specializes in inventory management solutions, assembly component supply, tool repair, and retail hardware sales for the construction industry.

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